Xaman Teams Up with ZenLedger for Easier Crypto Tax Management

Xaman Teams Up with ZenLedger for Easier Crypto Tax Management

We're pleased to announce our new partnership with ZenLedger, offering an efficient way for Xaman users to manage their crypto taxes.

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This collaboration introduces the ZenLedger xApp within the Xaman app, focusing on simplifying the U.S. crypto tax process.

ZenLedger xApp for Xaman Users

Crypto taxes can be confusing. The IRS treats cryptocurrency like property, which means your crypto dealings—like selling or earning income through crypto—could result in you owing taxes.
The ZenLedger xApp integration into Xaman offers a straightforward solution for managing this, making it easier for Xaman users to keep track of their crypto transactions and tax obligations.

Why ZenLedger?

ZenLedger is known for its straightforward approach to crypto tax management. Since 2017, they've helped users navigate the intricacies of cryptocurrency taxation by aggregating transaction data across various platforms into one easy-to-use dashboard.
This helps when you need to figure out your taxes. No more jumping between different tools or platforms. It's all in one place.

Managing Your Crypto Taxes Efficiently

The collaboration is focused on providing practical value to our users. Whether dealing with different types of crypto income or sorting through capital gains, ZenLedger's integration with Xaman aims to make these tasks more manageable.
With this collaboration, we aim to remove some of the stress around crypto taxes.
Whether you're sorting out profits from selling crypto or figuring out taxes on cryptocurrency you earned, this new xApp offers the tools to make it easier and more convenient for our users.
While the ZenLedger xApp is integrated within Xaman, the actual tax calculations happen on ZenLedger’s platform.
The xApp creates a deep link, seamlessly connecting you to ZenLedger. Once you are ready to dive into the specifics of your tax calculations, the xApp will guide you directly to their platform.
It's important to note that ZenLedger’s service pricing varies depending on individual needs, with plans starting at $49 and going up to $399 for higher transaction limits. Additionally, they offer the option to file state and federal taxes for an extra $30, ensuring comprehensive support for your crypto tax filing.

Continued Support and Enhancement

This collaboration is part of our ongoing effort to improve the Xaman user experience and provide tools that respond to our users' needs. Managing crypto taxes efficiently is a part of that commitment.
We're pleased to offer this new tool to our Xaman users. We're always looking for ways to improve your Xaman experience, and we hope this new feature does just that.
We look forward to seeing how this new feature helps our users during tax season and beyond. Stay tuned for further updates on this and other features!