Introducing the xAppBuilder: Streamlining xApp Development

Introducing the xAppBuilder: Streamlining xApp Development

We are excited to make developing xApps easier with the launch of xAppBuilder - a powerful tool designed to accelerate the development and debugging process for Xumm xApps. We built xAppBuilder as a direct response to the challenges experienced by developers.

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xAppBuilder offers a new way to emulate your xApp on a computer. This tool lets developers connect their local development environment directly to the xAppBuilder, providing real-time feedback on every code modification.
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By doing this, xAppBuilder significantly reduces the time spent in the development and debugging stages, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

OTT and Replay Token Management

For developers new to xApp development, obtaining the OTT and replay token can be a significant hurdle.
xAppBuilder addresses this issue by introducing an automatic fetching feature for OTT and Replay OTT, allowing developers to concentrate on creating their xApp.

Live Console Logs for Real-Time Debugging

xAppBuilder simplifies the debugging process by providing live console logs of your xApp. This feature allows developers to efficiently identify and resolve bugs or errors and continuously monitor the performance and behavior of the xApp.

Post-Launch Support

xAppBuilder's functionality extends beyond the development phase. Once your xApp is live in a production environment, the tool remains a valuable ally.
The demo xApp page in xAppBuilder.
The demo xApp page in xAppBuilder.
When xApps encounter issues in production or start behaving unexpectedly, developers typically inject remote JavaScript code into the xApp source code to identify the problem by trying to read the logs remotely.
However, with xAppBuilder, this tedious process is no longer necessary. Simply open your xApp on xAppBuilder, and the live logs will likely pinpoint the issue, enabling quick fixes without the need for wild guessing or code injections.

An Essential Tool for Developers

Developed by our in-house team to solve common xApp development challenges, xAppBuilder seamlessly integrates code emulation, token management, real-time debugging, and post-launch support.
We believe xAppBuilder will have a significant positive impact on the xApp development process for Xumm, making it faster, easier, and more fun.

Ready to Transform Your Development Process?

xAppBuilder is now live on the Snap Store, Mac App Store, and Windows Store. Check out the demo video and download the tool today!
For a more comprehensive understanding of xApps and xAppBuilder, visit our Developer Help Center.