Introducing the XAH Teleport xApp: Cross-Network Transactions Made Easy

Introducing the XAH Teleport xApp: Cross-Network Transactions Made Easy

⁤⁤At Xaman, we strive to improve the blockchain user experience, building convenient and efficient solutions. ⁤⁤We’re happy to introduce our latest addition – the XAH Teleport xApp, which will make XAH transfers more convenient and easy to handle.

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This xApp was designed to ease moving XAH across different networks, specifically between your XRP Ledger account and your native Xahau account.
As of 21st June 2024, we have also added support for Evernode’s native token, EVR. To transfer EVR across different networks look for the EVR Teleport xApp in your Xaman app.

Streamlining the Transfer Process

Traditionally, transferring tokens between networks has been inconvenient, involving navigating through various issuers and enduring lengthy waiting periods.
XAH Teleport xApp acknowledges that there is a need for a more straightforward approach to this, making it much simpler. Simplifying and streamlining the transfer of XAH tokens — including their representations on different networks — between the two networks eliminates the need for third-party platforms and reduces wait times.
Open the xApp by clicking on the link below:
XAH Teleport xApp
EVR Teleport xApp
Through this xApp, we facilitate quick and efficient XAH and EVR transactions through our Teleport accounts, where we validate and execute the equivalent transaction on the destination network.
Our focus has been to develop an xApp that is as user-friendly, speedy, and as secure as possible.
Minimum Transfer Threshold: To maintain efficiency and avoid the depletion of our resources allocated towards zero network fees, we set the minimum transfer amount at 0.5 XAH, and a maximum may also apply based on dynamic limits.
This ensures that the xApp will be efficient and won't be drained with many tiny transactions. In certain scenarios, daily transaction limits may apply for the xApp.

Simplifying Transactions

Clear Transfer Options: Users are presented with up to three transfer options based on the minimum and maximum transfer amounts and their current account balance.
No Complex Inputs: Eliminating the need for sliders or text inputs, we offer straightforward options for a seamless experience.

How the XAH Teleport xApp Works

Instant Verification and Release: Once you send XAH to our Teleport account, our system instantly verifies the transaction and releases the corresponding amount on the other network.
This quick verification process means your funds are nearly instantly available.
Robust Security Measures: The XAH Teleport xApp ensures your funds are protected throughout the transfer process.
This includes comprehensive preflight checks on both ends of the transaction to safeguard against unauthorized access or discrepancies.
User-Centric Design: We understand that every user's needs are different. That's why the XAH Teleport xApp offers flexibility in transfer amounts, destination and a user interface that caters to even the most novice users.
For those seeking more advanced options regarding the amounts to transfer or send/receive different assets, users can always opt for the GateHub interface.
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The XAH Teleport xApp Homescreen.

Embracing the Future with Xaman

Launching the XAH Teleport xApp showcases our dedication to pioneering user-friendly innovations while maintaining support for different networks with different native assets.
By removing the barrier of entry between different networks, we continue to make the experience of operating on the blockchain smoother and more accessible for everyone.
Join us in this journey towards a more interconnected and efficient digital future. With the XAH Teleport xApp, moving XAH across networks has never been easier.