A More Accessible XRP Ledger: Introducing Pre-Funded Xumm Tangem Cards

A More Accessible XRP Ledger: Introducing Pre-Funded Xumm Tangem Cards

Say goodbye to the complexities of account activations and reserves and say hello to pre-funded Xumm Tangem cards ready for action on the XRPL.

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Despite its many promises, using blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be daunting for newcomers. But what if there was a seamless way to hit the ground running and introduce friends and family to the XRP Ledger without overwhelming them with account activations, reserves, and the like?

Easing the Onboarding Process

The core of these pre-funded cards is simplicity, designed to remove the initial hurdles that users often face, such as purchasing XRP to activate their Xumm accounts.
Now, with the pre-funded Xumm Tangem Cards, everyone can effortlessly step into the world of self-custody.
These cards come ready to use, shipped without a keypair, have total privacy, have an r-address generated upon first use, and are pre-funded with a specific amount of XRP tied to the serial number, offering a smooth start with account reserves sorted and a little extra XRP to explore trust lines, trades, or the broader XRPL ecosystem.
But the potential of these cards extends beyond personal use; even if you already have a Xumm card (THANK YOU!), you can spread the joy and excitement by gifting friends and family the same privilege.
Xumm Cards are Xumm branded Tangem cards, with XRPL optimized firmware.
Imagine presenting this as a gift on a special occasion, perhaps with a sprinkle of XRP to kickstart their journey into the world of XRPL.
You're not just offering a traditional gift but a gateway to the future of decentralized finance, filled with excitement and freedom of self-custody, free of any hassles. It's more than a gift; it's an invitation to a frontier of innovation and independence.

Setting Up is a Breeze

Setting up your Xumm Cards is a breeze. Utilizing NFC technology, the card springs to life with a simple touch against an NFC-enabled phone after clicking the "Add Tangem Card" button.
From there, XUMM guides users through a seamless account creation and verification process.
Once done, your new XRP Ledger account will be ready for your first interaction with the XRP Ledger, assets, NFTs, and other exciting transaction types as you hit the ground running with the XRP directly available to you.
For those aiming to have a backup card, the process is just as straightforward, ensuring that assets remain accessible even if a card goes missing.
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Safety and Usability - A Perfect Blend

The pre-funded Xumm Cards strike a perfect balance between security and user-friendliness. The private keys are securely encrypted within the card, and transactions are signed within this secure environment, ensuring the user's secret information remains confined within the card.
Users can comfortably review and initiate transactions using Xumm, with the Xumm Cards facilitating the signing process – a blend of convenience and security.
Moreover, the "Tangem Backup" feature embedded in Xumm offers peace of mind for those concerned about losing their card. This feature allows the manual setup of a secondary card as a backup, safeguarding assets at all times.
It's important to note that Xumm Cards are not credit, debit, or ATM cards. Instead, they are a secure and user-friendly way to interact with the XRPL via Xumm, enhancing your self-custody and security in the XRPL ecosystem.

Get Your Xumm Cards Today

The introduction of pre-funded Xumm Cards marks a monumental step in making the XRPL more approachable and user-friendly. Whether you're considering it as a thoughtful gift or a secure method to manage your XRP assets, the blend of convenience and security these cards offer is unparalleled.
For a comprehensive setup guide, scan the QR code using Xumm.
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Here's to a more accessible future in cryptocurrency! Starting today, you will be able to order your Xumm Cards pre-funded with XRP. Perfect for personal use or that next birthday or holiday gift!
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Embracing the Future as Xaman

The slow transition from Xumm to Xaman is not just a name change. It symbolizes our growth from a lab concept to a powerhouse in the XRPL ecosystem.
As we venture into this new chapter, we are excited to unify XRPL Labs and Xumm under the stronger, distinctive identity of Xaman, inspired by the Mayan god of commerce and trade.
This rebranding aligns us more with our ambitious vision to integrate the realms of retail and crypto.