Xumm Enhances On-Ramping Experience Bringing 100+ Payment Methods Using Poko

XRPL Labs & Poko Join Forces Enhancing Xumm On-Ramping Experience with Poko’s On-Ramp Aggregator. This expands access to digital assets and facilitates seamless XRP purchases for Xumm users worldwide, with a special focus on Asia.

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We're excited to announce the integration of Poko, an innovative startup behind the On-Ramp Aggregator, to improve and expand access to digital assets in Asia for our Xumm users.
By joining forces with Poko, we aim to offer a more efficient and user-friendly experience when exchanging fiat currency for digital assets like XRP and transferring funds between traditional bank accounts and the XRP ledger.
"Our collaboration with Poko reflects our commitment to enhancing the user experience in the XRPL ecosystem,” Maaike van der Veen, Chief Business Officer at XRPL Labs, commented on the partnership.
Poko's On-Ramp Aggregator provides a single integration point for multiple on/off-ramp providers in one widget, giving users the best local on-ramps with high transaction success rates and the lowest costs.
Over 100+ local payment methods in many jurisdictions around the world.
Integrating Poko's services into our Xumm platform significantly enriches the XRPL ecosystem's versatility and flexibility, enabling users worldwide to easily top up their accounts and participate in the growing digital asset market.
“By offering a comprehensive On/Off-Ramp solution tailored to the Asian market, we're making it easier for users to access digital assets and participate in the global web3 economy," added Maaike.
On-Ramps are essential connectors between traditional financial systems and the rapidly evolving digital asset world, facilitating the smooth conversion of fiat currencies into digital assets like XRP.
Experience the Poko Aggregator by visiting: