Embrace Enhanced Trust: KYC Verification Now Free for a Limited Time!

Embrace Enhanced Trust: KYC Verification Now Free for a Limited Time!

We are always looking for ways to improve your experience and add new features while still protecting your right to self-custody and privacy, which is something we all value. In November, we are offering our KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process for free.

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The world is slowly moving toward a mix of self-custody and permissioned blockchain services, and we are excited to announce a limited-time opportunity that helps align with this evolving landscape. This is a chance to add a layer of trust to your Xumm wallet without cost.

Why Consider KYC?

  • Legitimacy: An account that has been KYC-verified gets a badge on XRPL explorers, such as bithomp.com and xrpscan.com, showcasing it passed the KYC procedure.
  • Future-Proof: Verified status, not personal data, will be on the ledger for XRPL and Xahau, futureproofing use with Hooks and Layer 2 solutions. Stay ahead as regulations evolve, with KYC expected to become a standard.
  • Privacy Respected: Your personal information will not be shared, as stated in our privacy statement.
  • Ecosystem Recognition: Within Xumm, verified status allows xApps and developers to recognize your trust level, enabling access to advanced features based on the extra verification.
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What's Next?

Looking ahead, we're working with more and more partners in the ecosystem that trust the KYC verification Xumm has performed. These partners can seamlessly offer their services and make the experience much more streamlined. Your autonomy is paramount; you will be fully in control, as you have the power to grant or withhold consent at any stage, ensuring you remain in the driver's seat.
We will publish on the ledger that a user has successfully completed KYC verification for XRPL and Xahau, which ecosystem participants, layer 2 decentralized applications, and even hooks can use while keeping the sensitive data completely private.
We are simplifying interactions within the ecosystem while maintaining the highest privacy and security standards. We will never share your personal data without your consent.

How to Get KYC Verified?

Start by accessing the KYC xApp within Xumm, or click here to begin the process. Remember, this offer is available until the end of November.
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The KYC process requires that you have an official government-issued document to help identify who you are.

Your Choice, Your Control

Remember, KYC at Xumm is and will always be optional. We are offering this free verification to empower you with more choices, not as a requirement.
For more information on KYC and its benefits, visit our detailed FAQ here.
Stay vigilant, stay secure, and stay ahead with Xumm.