XRPL Labs: Powering the Ecosystem Beyond Xaman

XRPL Labs: Powering the Ecosystem Beyond Xaman

You are probably familiar with Xaman (previously known as Xumm), but did you know that we are much more than just a crypto wallet? At XRPL Labs, our impact extends beyond the well-known products. We innovate, support, and drive community growth on many fronts.

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From addressing vital needs like bug-hunting and tooling to shaping the future by setting new standards, building new solutions, and more. Our mission is to foster an environment where the entire XRPL community thrives. Continue reading to uncover the hidden layers of our day-to-day work, fueling the XRPL's continuous growth and resilience.

Contributors to the XRPL Core Development

Our contribution to the XRPL ecosystem begins at its very foundation. Our focus is not just on solving problems but preventing them. Our developers actively work on and with the XRPL core software, also known as rippled.
Starting with tooling, we provide resources, such as sample configurations and libraries, available at our GitHub repository. These tools are essential for the community and form the backbone of our developmental efforts.
We also maintain essential infrastructure-related tools like the rippled Docker container, which not only aids developers globally but is also a crucial resource for most teams building on the XRPL, including the largest enterprises operating in this space.
XRPL Labs’ Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Richard Holland, has a track record of closely monitoring developments and reporting critical findings in the XRPL space.
Original concept by XKDC.
Original concept by XKDC.
The latest example of this is the collaborative effort by Richard Holland alongside cryptographer Nik Bougalis. Together, they uncovered and addressed AMM-related problems, ledger inconsistencies and more regarding the Automatic Market Maker (AMM) implementation prior to the AMM going live. This is just one instance among many where XRPL Labs members have found and suggested fixes to bugs.
Because we maintain and run significant portions of public-facing and core infrastructure, we can more easily gather data across versions and changes.
Beyond bug discovery, we engage in load testing and performance assessments for new rippled versions.

Fostering Innovation and Excellence in XRPL's Ecosystem

The aim is to make XRPL a platform for innovative solutions tailored for various use cases.
For instance, we’re working with retail point-of-sale payment systems like Frii and On/Off-Ramp providers such as Uphold and Gatehub, among many others, showcasing the versatility and capability of the XRPL.
We are in a strategic position to extend the XRPL ecosystem through our business development initiatives, focusing on integrating various external parties. We actively work to bring in partners from within and beyond the XRPL community, providing them with the essential knowledge and support to build on the XRPL.
Curious? Watch our Chief Business Officer, Maaike van der Veen’s fireside chat at XRPL Apex 2023.
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Additionally, our UX research team collaborates closely with other ecosystem developers. We're not just enhancing app usability and user experience but setting the standard for xApp designs and user interactions on the XRPL. This ensures that the user experience is functional, enjoyable, and intuitive.
This collaboration and knowledge-sharing ethos is further exemplified by all of our team members who often provide advice, our developers who provide insights to other ecosystem developers and are instrumental in answering all kinds of development-related questions.
Our team's contributions include producing valuable resources like the Xaman Developer Education Center, Hooks Documentation and many more. These knowledge-sharing platforms are a testament to our commitment to educating developers about the XRPL. It offers a wealth of information for those new to the ledger, as well as useful videos for those looking to fill gaps in their understanding or find answers to specific questions.
Our collective efforts in developer relations, support, business development and UX research don't just improve individual applications; they elevate the entire XRPL ecosystem, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and diverse applications can be developed seamlessly.

XRPL Labs' Commitment to Support, Community, and Security

Our extensive support team embodies the human aspect of XRPL Labs. They quickly answer all kinds of inquiries, from simple issues to complex ones.
From Mai's regular monthly meetup for the Japanese XRPL Community to our support team's proactive approach to resolving support tickets within 24 hours on average, with most of them being solved within the first 6 hours, we are always one step ahead.
From helping users find their partially lost keys to providing comprehensive assistance through Xumm Help, our support team goes above and beyond.
They have also built, actively maintain and update an in-depth knowledge base packed with all-kinds of helpful articles on the XRPL.
The knowledge base can be seen as an integral part of the Xaman ecosystem. It offers a broad spectrum of XRPL and Xaman-related information, ranging from introductory articles to complex explanations of specific features of XRPL, ensuring our users fully understand its capabilities.

The Building Blocks of the XRPL: Software Libraries and Developer Support

We enable developers to build on XRPL with essential software libraries like xrpl-client and xrpl-accountlib. These tools simplify connecting to the XRPL and signing transactions, respectively, and are essential tools for many third-party applications built on XRPL.
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Xaman provides more than just a user-facing experience; it provides an ecosystem for developers with tools and libraries like xumm-sdk.
Our commitment to developer support is evident through our active engagement on platforms like Xumm Developer Forum, Twitter, and GitHub.
We also ensure the ecosystem stays cohesive and informed by continuously monitoring public infrastructure and maintaining open lines of communication with other development teams.

Setting the Standards for XRPL's Future by Guiding Innovation

Our support for the XRPL developer community is not just reinforced through our initiatives like the Xumm Developer Learning Centre. We actively participate in setting ecosystem standards, which is evident in our contributions to proposals like XLS-15d: Concise Transaction Identifier and XLS-50d: Aiming for a Healthy Distribution of Infrastructure.
These proposals, led by our CTO Richard Holland and CEO Wietse Wind, address critical aspects like efficient transaction identification and the geographical distribution of validators to prevent centralization risks.
In XLS-15d, we introduced a more concise way to identify transactions, enhancing efficiency and future-proofing the system with adaptable control bytes. In XLS-50d, we focused on ensuring the network's resilience against potential cloud provider outages by proposing best practices for validator distribution. These efforts significantly contribute to the XRPL's robustness and functionality.
Additionally, our open data publishing, which provides vital information like endpoints, avatars, and approach to KYC, is crucial in supporting wallets and other ecosystem participants and ensuring a more secure and efficient experience for all XRPL users.

The Pillars of the XRPL: Data Tooling and Public Infrastructure

Data tooling initiatives at XRPL Labs go way beyond basic analytics. A good example is the XRP Ledger Full History Google BigQuery dataset, a crucial resource for in-depth analysis and strategic decision-making. Utilized extensively by software engineers, it plays a pivotal role in enhancing the XRPL's functionality and user experience. Not only does this tool aid in monitoring and understanding current trends, but it also enables forecasting future patterns, thereby aiding the continuous improvement and innovation of the XRPL.
We also contribute significantly to the public infrastructure available on the XRPL. We have developed and currently maintain a bespoke core protocol-aware routing platform essential for the network's efficient functioning.
Managing this infrastructure goes beyond mere maintenance; we support some of the largest users in the XRPL ecosystem. This involves ensuring uninterrupted service and proactively upgrading and scaling our systems to meet the growing demands of the network, thereby ensuring reliability and optimal performance for all XRPL users.
The infrastructure that we provide makes it possible for many people to access the XRPL while supporting developers’ communities. For example, our rapid deployment of temporary full-history nodes helps ecosystem developers synchronize their projects, showcasing our ability to provide tailored solutions.
Furthermore, we take great pride in our global outreach, configuring and setting up infrastructure worldwide to enhance the XRPL's network performance and reduce latency.

Pushing the Envelope with the Future of the XRPL

At XRPL Labs, our impact stretches far beyond Xaman. Our relentless dedication and tireless efforts, often spanning days, nights, and holidays, ensure the ecosystem's stability and security.
By building foundational libraries, hosting public infrastructure and offering round-the-clock support, we empower others to innovate, fostering a resilient and dynamic community.
Our commitment ensures that XRPL doesn't just adapt to the future – it leads the way, setting new standards for blockchain technology and digital finance.
Want to be a part of this journey? Join us. Start building on the XRPL today and contribute to a world where technology transcends boundaries. Get started at https://docs.xumm.dev & https://help.xumm.app.