Multi-Network Support & Auto-Bridging on Evolving Your Trading Experience on the XRPL

Multi-Network Support & Auto-Bridging on Evolving Your Trading Experience on the XRPL

We're excited to announce a significant advancement in the XRPL DEX experience: now features an auto-bridging-based order book highlighting token-to-token sales prices for streamlined XRPL DEX transactions.

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This addition enhances our platform's capability to provide better access for buying or selling any asset issued on the XRPL. has also added support for Xahau.

A Better Trading Experience on the XRPL DEX

Auto-bridging on the XRPL DEX simplifies trading between different assets by cleverly using XRP as the bridge currency. For example, if you want to trade Asset A for Asset B, auto-bridging, by taking a more efficient path, offers a better and more accurately priced market.
It first exchanges Asset A for XRP and then trades XRP for Asset B. This method, performed automatically, ensures you get the best possible value for your trade by utilizing the most favorable rates from a combination of direct and XRP-linked markets.
The process happens seamlessly, offering the user the best available rate by combining offers from both direct and auto-bridged markets. This mechanism is particularly beneficial for trading pairs that do not have a direct, liquid market.
By accurately reflecting these auto-bridging rates, both our DEX xApp’s and's advanced order book provide a more informed and efficient trading experience, particularly for pairs that would otherwise have limited liquidity.

DEX Trading on the Xahau Network

In addition to adding auto-bridging has expanded its trading capabilities by supporting DEX trading on the Xahau Network.
As a sidechain in the XRP Ledger ecosystem, Xahau stands out with its smart contract functionality. This integration aligns with our goal to offer versatile trading options for all XRPL users. now supports trading on the Xahau network.

Bridging Markets, Uniting Currencies

Our platform leverages the XRPL’s auto-bridging technology by displaying an enhanced order book. This feature provides users with the best available rates for trades between various currencies, using XRP as an intermediary, a feature that many DEX platforms lack.
It’s a reflection of the market, ensuring our users have access to accurate and efficient trading information. It highlights the enhanced liquidity and depth that auto-bridging brings to various currency pairs, thereby empowering our users to make the best use of available information.

Benefits of Auto-Bridging:

  • Improved Market Depth: Auto-bridging brings enhanced market depth for frequently traded asset pairs.
  • Increased Liquidity: Less commonly traded pairs benefit from increased liquidity, making trades more efficient and accessible.
  • User Experience: Users enjoy a more efficient trading experience, as the system automatically finds the best rates without manual intervention.
This integration enhances the DEX's capabilities, aligning with XRPL Labs' commitment to user-friendly and innovative solutions.

Give the Auto-Bridging Based Order Book a Go!

Adding an auto-bridging-based order book to and our DEX xApp marks another milestone in XRPL Labs' journey to improve the XRPL DEX trading experience.
By bridging the gap between different asset pairs and enhancing liquidity, auto-bridging makes trading on even more enjoyable.
For more detailed information on the auto-bridging feature and to experience it firsthand, visit or our DEX xApp today and discover the new possibilities with an auto-bridging based order book and support for the Xahau network.
For Xumm Pro users, we continue to offer advanced features like real-time notifications and KYC, taking the trading experience to a whole new level.