Xumm 2022 Recap

Xumm 2022 Recap

Wow! 2022 was a busy year for Xumm wallet — we got a lot done, but there’s still a lot of building left to do. As we continue to grow and evolve, Xumm remains committed to building the safest non-custodial wallet out there.

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As we continue to grow and evolve, Xumm remains committed to building the safest non-custodial wallet out there.
Lots of users took security into their own hands by ordering Xumm Tangem cards. The rigorous security audit of Xumm Wallet was a big success, and the Xumm team worked hard providing top-tier support.
Significant new features were added to Xumm and quickly became hits.
The team at XRPL Labs grew by seven. We offered 24/7 support and secured On/Off-Ramp services through licensing and partnerships.
This year 642,017 unique active users from 235 countries took the security of their funds into their own hands by using Xumm.
The average number of unique daily users more than tripled.
The biggest successes of 2022 were the long-awaited launch of On/Off-Ramps and Xumm Pro Beta.

Xumm Support

This year, we successfully handled a record number of support tickets — usually within hours — mainly providing assistance and guidance to our users through our new in-app Support Channel, ensuring users were connected with the real Xumm Support.
Xumm support is cutting-edge, and we have the data to back that claim.
This year Xumm support solved 19,199 tickets, of which 48% were solved within the first 24 hours, and 45% were solved within 1–8 hours. We followed up on 99% of tickets created on the first day.

The Launch of Xumm Pro Beta

Xumm Pro Beta launched in September of 2022, which marked a special milestone for us after countless hours of work and implementing your feedback.
Over 2200 of you directly supported us by purchasing Xumm Pro this year, and now we’re up to almost 5800 Xumm Pro users.
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Xumm On/Off-Ramps

The long-awaited Xumm On/Off-Ramps are finally here.
Xumm Pro users can instantly change their fiat cash into XRP by transferring funds from their regular bank account to their Xumm account and vice versa.
The Xumm On/Off-Ramps support Euros and GBP. We are continuously working on adding more and more countries.
Currently, the Xumm On/Off-Ramps are available in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. France is the next country where the On/Off Ramp service will be available.
We have one of the best fiat <> XRP conversion rates on the market. Our security measures are among the best in the world, and our service levels far surpass the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.
We improved Xumm by adding “Pro Settings,” divided into three categories.
Push Notifications that you can enable for your XRPL (XRP Ledger) accounts managed with Xumm.
Accounts where you can manage your accounts linked to the Pro Beta and add an account title, public name, and your account slug (a unique public account name that will be part of our Profiles feature).
Xumm App early access allows you to test out new beta versions of Xumm before the public release.

Claim your free Tangem Card with Xumm Pro today!

Each Xumm Pro purchase comes with a complimentary Xumm Tangem card. You can claim yours after you click the “Claim your card here” button and complete the necessary procedures. Plus, you can track your card’s delivery right to your address.
Xumm Pro users get to skip the line with Premium Support.
With Xumm Pro, our customer support will prioritize your requests as you skip the line, and we will assign a customer service representative to you individually. We aim to answer all tickets within a day.

Get a Custom r-Address Instead of a Randomized One

This year we added the vanity address function that allows you to personalize your XRP Ledger account address. You will get an account address beginning with a lowercase “r” and then a short value of your choosing.
Xumm’s Vanity Address xApp enables you to choose among millions of pre-minted XRP Ledger account addresses beginning with your name/handle/brand instead of a random account address.
Here are a few examples of what it looks like:
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Tangem Cards Shipped in 2022: 12,346

That’s the number of Xumm users who improved their security by ordering the Tangem cards.
XUMM Tangem cards enable you to keep full custody and control of your on-ledger accounts at all times with a physical NFC card. Your private key is generated and stored securely within the card’s integrated chip when it is first used, making it the safest method for handling your XRP, XRPL tokens, and NFTs.
The physical card is air-gapped, meaning they are physically not connected to the internet, providing an additional layer of security for your digital assets.
Tangem cards are highly convenient since you can just tap your phone with your card to sign a transaction.

Security Remains Our Top Priority. We Underwent a Thorough Security Audit in 2022

Safety and security have always been at the heart of Xumm, and because of that, we underwent a thorough security audit by Cossack Labs.
The audit was conducted by their team of security engineers working to identify any security issues and potential design and/or implementation flaws in Xumm’s source code.
In their report, Cossack Labs highlighted the security-oriented engineering effort of the team at Xumm. They noted that Xumm had implemented security features, including a plethora of security controls, data-at-rest encryption, user confirmation on sensitive actions, filtering xApps, filtering network requests, and numerous others.
They found no directly-exploitable vectors.
Security is the top priority at Xumm, and we work daily to make Xumm safer.
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We Made Working with Trust Lines Smoother

At Xumm, we’re always looking for ways to make things safer and more accessible for our users, and that’s why we added Trust Line icons to all token issuers on XRPL. We have continuously updated our Trust Line feature to make them as smooth as possible.
Trust Lines are a way for two parties to agree to transact with each other using a specific non-XRP currency (AKA tokens, IOU’s).
For example, you might have a Trust Line with a friend or business partner that allows you to exchange tokens representing US dollars with them.
Trust Lines attach non-XRP assets to the XRPL “r” address of accounts.

Introducing the Team Behind Xumm: a Six-part Series on YouTube

As mentioned earlier, the team at Xumm has grown a lot in 2022. So, we made a six-part video series called aweXUMM to show and tell you about the team working at Xumm.
In the aweXUMM-series, we introduced:
  • Koen (coding xApps & Dev support)
  • Ali (Xumm iOS & Android App)
  • Kevin (Web Apps & Tooling)
  • Tom (Team & User support)
  • Patrick and Will (Support & Content) who are based on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Xumm Developer Engagement Grew Nearly 10 Times!

Xumm experienced a significant increase in developer engagement in the past year.
The number of Xumm integrations grew from 230 to 2100.
We added new SDKs for easier development of xApps and frontend applications.
We have a huge debt of gratitude to all of the developers building the ecosystem with us. Your contributions led to a lot of innovation, and we look forward to growing with you in the future.

A Look Ahead: Xumm’s Plans for the Future

Xumm is grateful to all of you for being a part of our journey and helping to build and grow the Xumm ecosystem with us.
We continue to make building with Xumm more streamlined and drive more platform adoption, as sign-ins and transaction signing with Xumm will appear everywhere in the ecosystem.
Our newest focus is on retail payments. Expect to see more e-commerce integrations as well as the first brick-and-mortar stores accepting Xumm as a form of payment.
Xumm will also focus on usability, with a more user-friendly and non-crypto-like onboarding process and app design.
Last but not least, we are developing Hooks, a protocol-based technology with capabilities of enabling smart contracts on the XRPL, leading to innovative solutions such as direct debit, auto-saving, and key recovery.
Overall, these advancements make it easier and more convenient for people to use Xumm digital payment methods in their daily lives.
As we say goodbye to a busy and successful year for the Xumm wallet, we look forward to a bright 2023 because the best is yet to come!