Experience Seamless Pathfinding Payments with the Latest Xumm WooCommerce Plugin Update

We are excited to unveil the latest update for our WooCommerce plugin, focusing on the groundbreaking addition of Pathfinding Payments.

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Now, you can effortlessly accept XRP payments in multiple currencies on your WordPress site with the Xumm WooCommerce plugin.
This new feature, available with Xumm 2.4.0, simplifies transactions by automatically finding the best payment route for your customers.
Pathfinding Payments transform the way store owners accept various currencies, making it more convenient than ever before.
For example, if your store's currency is set to EUR or USD, your customers can pay with any asset available on the XRP Ledger. The plugin automatically converts the payment, ensuring you receive the correct amount in your desired currency.
This revolutionary feature not only streamlines transactions but also enhances user experience in e-commerce and retail settings.
Moreover, Xumm makes 3-5 seconds lightning-fast transactions available to all customers using the WooCommerce plugin to complete payments quickly by scanning a QR code and signing the payment using their Xumm app.
Built on WooCommerce, the open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress, our solution caters to online merchants worldwide, making it easy for them to integrate Xumm and accept crypto payments.
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Embrace the potential of global expansion, attract new customers, and enjoy lower transaction fees by integrating cryptocurrency as a payment method alongside other providers.
Discover the advantages of Pathfinding Payments with the updated Xumm WooCommerce plugin and offer your customers the flexibility to pay with digital currencies, broadening your prospective customer base and simplifying transactions like never before.
Get started with the updated plugin here: