Introducing the Voucher xApp: Gifting Crypto on Xahau!

Introducing the Voucher xApp: Gifting Crypto on Xahau!

Have you ever wanted to give crypto as a voucher? With our most recent xApp, you can do exactly that. 

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We present the Xahau Voucher xApp!
It's ideal for gifting XAH to your family, friends, or anyone you want. The xApp provides an easy way to create and redeem vouchers in XAH, the native token of the Xahau network. As an extra benefit, it is also a seamless way for new users to activate their account on Xahau.

How Does the Voucher xApp Work?

Create Voucher

With the Voucher xApp, users can create vouchers with a minimum of 2 XAH and a maximum of 500 XAH per voucher.
These limits are in place for regulatory reasons and can change at any given time, depending on the price of XAH.
Accounts can create any number of vouchers but are limited to a maximum of 5000 XAH per month.

Claim Voucher

Users can claim a maximum of 5000 XAH per month per account.
Vouchers are non-custodial as the funds are managed by a Hook (XRPL Native Smart Contracts on Xahau). This means the QR codes are like cash in that they can be used by whoever has access to the voucher.

Voucher limits

The limitations are in place to prevent unwanted use. They are flexible and can be modified, helping us adapt to market changes and user needs.
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Onboarding New Users

The Voucher xApp is also a great onboarding tool. Redeeming a voucher to a new Xahau account fulfils the account reserve requirement and activates the account.
XRPL Labs adds one XAH to voucher redemptions going to inactive accounts to cover the cost of account activation. (It’s also worth noting that Xahau does not have AccountDelete functionality, so the account activation reserves are not recoverable.)

Decentralized Tipbot

Many remember TipBot, a widget XRPL Labs built in 2015 that enabled sending XRP to anyone on Twitter by just using their Twitter handle in a message. Unfortunately, we had to stop it for compliance reasons.
With Vouchers, you can start tipping people on Twitter DMs, email, SMS or wherever you want by sending them the link to Voucher QR Code.
Be advised, exposing the QR code openly/publicly allows anyone to claim the voucher.
Sending the QR code in a public channel almost certainly results in the assets going to an unintended recipient.
The Voucher xApp on Xahau is a simple and secure way to send crypto vouchers and onboard new users. It is also easy to use, making it invaluable for the Xahau community.

Curious? Give the Voucher xApp a go!