Xaman Adds C14 for Easy XAH & XRP on-Ramping

Xaman Adds C14 for Easy XAH & XRP on-Ramping

We have integrated C14 as a fiat On-Ramp to streamline the purchase of XAH and XRP within the C14 xApp and the XAHOD xApp. C14 enhances accessibility and convenience for users entering the Xahau ecosystem, as it is the first On-Ramp offering access to XAH, the native asset of the Xahau Network.

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We are happy to announce a new fiat-to-crypto gateway, C14 and the XAH On Demand (XAHOD) xApp, enabling users to seamlessly purchase assets on Xahau directly in the Xaman wallet and their website, c14.money. This new On-Ramp allows users access to the Xahau network token, XAH, and XRP, providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly on-ramp from traditional fiat currencies.
The Xahau network incorporates a new innovative take on Smart Contracts: (business) logic & rules called "Hooks" enabling users to install on-chain modules on their account addresses, while XRPL users can enjoy the same wallet and existing R-address across the two networks.

How to access C14 in Xaman

C14 can be found on our On-Ramp launchpad at buy-sell-xrp.xumm.app and our On-Ramp xApp at xumm.app/detect/app:xumm.buysellxrp.
To start using C14 on Xaman, follow these steps:
  1. Open your Xaman wallet.
  1. Locate the C14 xApp on the Xaman Wallet xApp page.
  1. Enter the amount of XRP or XAH you wish to purchase.
  1. Choose your preferred payment method.
  1. Verify your phone number.
  1. Finalize the purchase.
To purchase XAH you need to choose the Xahau network within your Xaman app. For XRP you have to be on the XRPL network.
Upon completion, the XRP or XAH you purchased will be available in your Xaman wallet.
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Why C14?

Direct Fiat to Xahau Purchases: Users can buy both XAH and XRP using various fiat currencies directly through the C14 xApp inside the Xaman wallet, eliminating the need for multiple exchanges or intermediary steps.
As part of this integration, C14 will also make XRP purchases available through its On-Ramp.
Enhanced User Experience: The integration simplifies the user journey, making it more intuitive and accessible for both new and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Secure Transactions: C14 offers robust security protocols, meaning users can transact with confidence, knowing their assets are protected.
"We are thrilled to partner with C14 and are delighted to see that our combined efforts to integrate Xahau, also has a positive effect in the form of simultaneously bringing XRP to C14's offering," said Wietse Wind, Founder of Xaman. "This integration is a significant step forward in our mission to make the XRP Ledger ecosystem and the Xahau network more accessible and user-friendly for everyone."
Multi-Jurisdictional Support: C14 will allow users from 50+ countries worldwide to On-Ramp into Xahau and the XRPL, with alternative payment methods available in emerging markets as well as traditional credit and debit card On-Ramping.
“Xahau represents an exciting evolution in the XRPL ledger,” said Erich Grant, founder of C14. “We’re delighted to be supporting the XRPL and Xahau as they expand and grow.”

First of its Kind

As we move forward with Xaman, it becomes more and more important that we offer coverage across the globe and access to the XRPL ecosystem.
C14 is the first of its kind, as it is the first on-ramp to the Xahau Network, helping us cater to everyone on the XRPL. The addition of C14 helps us continue to make the experience of operating on the blockchain smoother and more accessible for everyone.
We're grateful for your continued support and remain committed to delivering advancements that improve the Xaman journey. Stay tuned for more updates!